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Client-focused legal services with an end result in sight.



Welsh & Recker represents all types of individuals and organizations in federal and state white collar matters.  No matter what our clients are facing, we have seen it before and have the skills and experience to obtain the right result.  Welsh & Recker attorneys litigate on behalf of clients who are involved in criminal and civil investigations by the Department of Justice, state attorneys general, and various federal and state regulatory agencies.  We know what it takes to stand between clients and the government and guide the case to closure – even if that means going before a jury. 


Companies who must conduct investigations into alleged misconduct require a diligent team that can identify and help resolve potential problems.  Welsh & Recker provides a lean and targeted approach to internal investigations that will not drain company resources or take unnecessary time away from business.  We conduct internal investigations for clients ranging from small, family held businesses to multi-national corporations and higher education institutions. 


Clients may be subject to civil or administrative investigations by agencies like the Securities and Exchange Commission and may be subject to sanctions under various civil statutes including the False Claims Act.  Many of those civil proceedings involve parallel criminal investigations.  Parallel criminal and civil matters require expertise in recognizing client-specific issues to stay a step ahead of the government’s various enforcement arms.  Recognizing potential criminal implications early on creates better civil strategy, and vice versa.  Our experience in all manner of enforcement proceedings places our clients in the best position to defend on all sides from the outset.


Welsh & Recker litigates complex cases across the United States for clients from around the globe, including Canada, China, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Russia, South Korea, Turkey, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, and Vietnam.  These include clients living overseas who become subject to United States jurisdiction or foreign nationals living here who need representation in an unfamiliar justice system.  We guide clients through enforcement matters arising from unilateral and multilateral trade embargoes and sanctions, antitrust laws, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, and the complex federal RICO statute, as well as navigate the discovery process through various treaties, such as the Hague Convention and Mutual Legal Assistance Treaties.

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