Welsh & Recker represents clients who operate in complex legal and regulatory environments. The law is always changing, and keeping up with your compliance can be a full-time job, particularly for large, multinational entities with hundreds or thousands of employees. Despite your best efforts, you can find yourself facing an enforcement action from state or federal regulators, a process that can consume considerable energy and resources. If you are facing an enforcement action, it is vital that you get the right people on your side as soon as possible. At Welsh & Recker, we have deep experience in helping individuals and entities defend themselves in enforcement actions, guiding them through the process to an outcome that is both fair and equitable. 

360-Degree Representation

You may be facing investigations by both state and federal agencies or multiple agencies. Civil enforcement actions also involve parallel criminal investigations. How you manage one investigation can have a profound effect on subsequent investigations. You need a strategy that not only addresses your immediate obstacles but also guards against future civil or criminal liability. You need legal representation that can stand between you and the government, defending you from multiple angles. As seasoned litigators with extensive experience in handling white-collar criminal cases, we are fully prepared to defend you against civil enforcement actions and any criminal charges you may be facing. 

Evaluating All of the Dynamics of Your Case

Of course, our principal goal in every case we handle is to achieve the best possible outcome for our client. However, we also recognize that these cases entail other important dynamics. We help our clients weigh the various factors involved, such as the potential cost, the impact on their reputation, and how it will affect their future operations. In some instances, clients may want to settle the matter as quickly as possible in order to move on to future opportunities. In other cases, the potential harm to their reputation may require an aggressive defense, no matter the cost.

We work side-by-side with our clients to understand what is most important to them in responding to these challenges. Then, together, we develop a legal strategy focused on achieving those goals with an emphasis on cost-effectiveness. From there, we aggressively drive your case forward to its conclusion, keeping you informed at every turn. 

Invested in Your Success

Our clients have trusted us to provide them with the guidance they need at the most critical of times and in the most sensitive of matters. Consequently, our reputation is built upon the results we have achieved for our clients. No matter how challenging, we’re prepared to take on your case and help you put it behind you.