Conflicts are often unavoidable and sometimes more necessary than we would like to admit. The mistake lies in allowing them to spin out of control, consuming more time, money, and other resources than if they had been carefully managed from the outset. If you are engaged in a conflict that is going to take time to resolve, engaging the right help can help you get the best result. A seasoned litigation firm can guide you through whatever conflict you are facing, navigating the litigation process to a satisfactory resolution. 

Experienced Guidance from Start to Finish

There are two sides to every conflict—your side and the opposition. You need an ally who is wholly invested in your side, of course, but there is more to being your attorney than someone wholly invested in “winning.” 

To start, you need someone willing to give you a candid assessment of your claim and what outcome you can reasonably expect. You need a lawyer who can explain your options and provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision, all of which is backed by deep experience. This includes an honest discussion of whether a settlement is your best option or whether you should prepare to go to trial. And once you have decided upon your objective, you need a lawyer who can methodically execute your strategy and see your case through to resolution. 

Passionate Advocates, Aggressive Litigators

Litigation can be both a tool for forcing a settlement as well as a means to obtain a resolution in a dispute that otherwise cannot be resolved. Whichever scenario your case falls into, the litigation attorneys at Welsh & Recker are recognized as both passionate advocates and aggressive litigators. 

Our clients trust us to always speak up for them and zealously represent their interests. And when it comes time to go to court, our reputation as aggressive litigators speaks for itself. Whether defending our clients or representing them as plaintiffs, we relentlessly drive the case forward, never backing down until we have seen the case through to its end. Once the decision is made to litigate, we prepare your case for trial, not for settlement. 

Representing Businesses and Individuals

We work with individual and entity clients in various civil matters as well as white-collar criminal defense. We have represented individual entrepreneurs, c-suite executives, business owners, board members, shareholders, startups, Fortune 500 companies, family-owned businesses, international corporations, and local or regional firms. We also represent international clients, both individuals and businesses. Whatever your size or position, we provide aggressive litigation representation tailored to meet your unique needs.